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Enjoy a great start and a relaxing finish to your day in the hotel's lounge & honesty bar stocked with hand-picked wines and spirits.
Feast on our delicious breakfast served every morning in the breakfast room. Treats include freshly baked croissants and home-made granola, local Dutch cheeses & cold cuts, eggs, seasonal fruit and vegetables from the farmer's market. It's an affordably luxurious hotel experience with a delicious personal touch.
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Our hotel welcomes you as a personal guest into the beautiful home of a good old friend. We offer you our hospitality and space to enjoy a home away from home atmosphere throughout your stay. Feel free to indulge in our carefully selected organic wines, crafted beers and local snacks available throughout the day and into the evening in our 'House Bar of Honesty'.
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We offer unprecedented access to the handcrafted, rare wines directly from our wine cellars in Georgia, where we follow the natural method of Qvevri wine-making, so we don’t add any refining or chemical additives to our wines!

The Georgian winemaking method, using a buried clay vessel called a Qvevri to mature the wine, has been added to the UNESCO list of Humanity’s Intangible Cultural Heritage.
Our unique wines from Georgia